Killer Queen Black Q2 2021 Roadmap Review

With June upon us it’s time to reflect on the first half of 2021, celebrate the goals we’ve met, and get hyped about what’s ahead.  The team at Liquid Bit published a KQB roadmap just prior to our release on Xbox, Game Pass, and Stadia in February of 2021. Time flies! Since then, we’ve welcomedContinue reading “Killer Queen Black Q2 2021 Roadmap Review”

2021 Q1 Quarterly Roadmap Update

#1 Goal: MORE PLAYERS! The Team at Killer Queen Black is excited to welcome Xbox and Stadia players this quarter! We’re also excited to share an updated Roadmap. What’s ahead for KQB Dev: Q1 2021 New post-match stats – check Rank reset and new ranking algorithms – check Xbox Release – LIVE 2/23 for cloudContinue reading “2021 Q1 Quarterly Roadmap Update”