KQB 1.65 Release: Patch Notes

Killer Queen Black’s 1.65 update is LIVE Updates are here! The Liquid Bit team launched the 1.65 Release for Killer Queen Black moments ago. Here are the patch notes: Fixes & updates list: New in-game music Player name sanitizer has been scolded and promises to try and be more forgiving Players now auto-spawn when joiningContinue reading “KQB 1.65 Release: Patch Notes”

Release Notes: Betelgeuse 1.64

RANK RESET + other updates happening Monday, February 1, 2021 Get ready for the early release of 1.64! PC and Switch players can get a head start on the rank reset Monday, February 1st, 2021. The patch, originally planned to go live alongside the Xbox Game Pass launch, will be available ahead of schedule atContinue reading “Release Notes: Betelgeuse 1.64”