KQB 1.65 Release: Patch Notes

Killer Queen Black’s 1.65 update is LIVE

Updates are here! The Liquid Bit team launched the 1.65 Release for Killer Queen Black moments ago. Here are the patch notes:

Fixes & updates list:

  • New in-game music
  • Player name sanitizer has been scolded and promises to try and be more forgiving
  • Players now auto-spawn when joining a match late
  • Fixed an issue with players dropping in Meet Thy Family, did not display the correct UI
  • Network Next is re-enabled
  • Fixed an issue with league headers on the leaderboards getting into a weird state
  • Xbox players can now receive invites and join games in a match (this includes ranked, so be careful not to incur punishment in doing so)
  • Dive has been assigned to the down button by default
  • Better memory management in gameplay to reduce frame stutter
  • Helmets have been added back to the tutorial warriors
  • While carrying a shield, thrown berries now have the same trajectory as when not carrying a shield
  • JSON Export of match stats provided (PC Only)
    • Windows: <USER_DIRECTORY>/AppData/LocalLow/Liquid Bit, LLC/Killer Queen Black/match-stats
    • Mac: <USER_DIRECTORY>/Library/Application Support/com.LiquidBit.KillerQueenBlack/match-stats

Post-match updates:

  • Fixed an issue where the Queen would show snail stats
  • Added win conditions to the map panel in post-match
  • Dancing is re-enabled on post-match
  • Fixed an issue with berry stats on post-match not reflecting thrown and deposited berries correctly
  • Queen deaths on post-match now display the correct color of the Queen that died in the graphs
  • Gate control statistic has been updated, no longer takes into account neutral gates
  • Switch players will no longer get stranded on post-match if their non-switch teammates advance

What’s next:

  • Stay tuned for an official go-live on Stadia date!
  • The first Roadmap update from earlier this month is on track – check it out.

Thank you for your support! – The Killer Queen Black Team


Release Notes: Betelgeuse 1.64

RANK RESET + other updates happening Monday, February 1, 2021

Get ready for the early release of 1.64! PC and Switch players can get a head start on the rank reset Monday, February 1st, 2021. The patch, originally planned to go live alongside the Xbox Game Pass launch, will be available ahead of schedule at 10am CST 2/1/21.

Note, the game will be unavailable from 8am – 10am CST prior to the reset. 

Here’s what to expect:

  • Rank reset
  • New post match screen with stats and graphs
  • Fixed a bug with couch players and emotes
  • More Optimized Switch Build

For details on what the updated MMR means for current players visit cwal’s post, Reset is Coming.


Reset is Coming

What you should know about KQB’s MMR Reset

“After launch, we quickly realized that our initial approach to distributing MMR was far too simple to produce good results given the complexity of the game.” – cwal 

Killer Queen Black’s original algorithm was essentially a modified Elo system that compared each player’s rating to the average rating of the other team when distributing points. Had the initial player population been large enough to ensure that player ratings in every game were relatively close together, this system would have been passable. However, in our situation, where teams were often made up of players across a wide range of ratings, it ended up causing large swings and ‘felt’ unfair. 

Here’s why

Consider a team with each player rated close to 2200 against a team of 3x players with a rating of 2000 and one player with a rating of 2800. If the latter team lost, the high ranking player would lose a huge amount of points against a rating of 2200 without considering the lower rating of his teammates. Conversely, if that team won, likely due to some amazing effort from the higher ranked player, the 3x players rated at 2000 would get quite a boost to their ratings. 

As mentioned earlier, the results often felt unfair even though over time things would have evened out – so as a band-aid, we capped losses to -10 points (players would often lose 20-30 points in a match they clearly were not likely to win). This solved the issue in the short run, but in the long run caused the large drift up in the rating distribution we see today, where most players are rated way above the minimum points to reach obsidian. We even see that most new players are now placing right into into gold, platinum, or even obsidian.

A little help from our friends

When the Liquid Bit team started looking at overhauling the rating algorithm, we realized there were a number of directions we could explore, but the best option would be to get help from experts. We reached out to a friend at P3 Analytics who specializes in game data analysis, and they were eager to help out on such a unique project. 

P3 Analytics ran a statistical analysis of thousands of competitive games and were able to determine what variables actually mattered in predicting which team would win a match. 

You may be thinking, “obviously it’s the number of ha-ha emotes per player per minute,” but that one was actually too low on the list to be statistically significant. But there were about 6 or 7 factors that were, and so P3 was able to create an algorithm to both accurately predict the outcome of a match based on the ranks of each player, as well as fairly distribute points after the match. We quickly implemented it in the game behind-the-scenes to test it out.

At this time, Liquid Bit will not be releasing the algorithm – know that it is something we will be constantly monitoring and tweaking. 

What’s next?

It’s been running for a few months now and we think the results are promising. Just before we launch on Xbox Game Pass, all players will have their ratings reset and go through placements again. Historical data (matches played, wins/losses etc.) will temporarily be hidden while in placements, but will come back once you’ve completed the ten placement matches. 

In the new system, there’s no cap on point losses, but distribution should always ‘feel’ fair thanks to the new algorithm. But, the new tier cutoffs will be distributed as such that only the best of the best should make it to obsidian. We’ve also added demotions, so it will be possible to go down a tier if you don’t keep up your record. 

We appreciate the community’s feedback as always and will be tuning the algorithm and player experience as needed in future resets. We’re incredibly excited for both our upcoming launch on Xbox Game Pass and the MMR reset and can’t wait to see what happens with the competitive scene. Good luck out there!


The Winner’s Hive: Indy Gaming League’s KQB Fall Circuit 2020

Indy Gaming League’s Fall Circuit 2020 was a display of hardcore talent, professional, polished casting, emerging casters, 4th circuit regulars, and some new, exciting teams too! Thank you to IGL, the players, and the community for another incredible circuit.

IGL’s KQB Fall Circuit by the numbers:

  • 4th IGL for KQB – that’s 1 FULL YEAR!
  • 7 tiers of play – 4 in the west and 3 in the east
  • The roster: 275 teammates with 214 unique players = 50 teams! 
  • 241 matches total with 209 streamed – wow! 
  • 17 official KQB Casters in our Community!

*Learn more about the KQB Community of Casters

What’s an IGL Circuit without the hard-working BOTler?

BOTler really shined this season! Thanks to Dadcore’s tech-savvy and Bee’sKnees Almanac organization, this fine gentleman delivered match schedule after bracket upon team finder to be the resource we rely on to stay in-the-know. 

As the proper BOTler would say himself, “without further ado, let’s give a hooray for our champions!”


Tier 4 West

  • 4th: Wannabees
  • 3rd: 1337corp
  • 2nd: The Bridge Crew
  • Supreme Champions: Dame Nice

Tier 3 West

  • 4th: Blobby
  • 3rd: Garbage Snail Kids
  • 2nd: I Make Honey Moves
  • Supreme Champions: SaaS – Snail as a Service

Tier 2 West

  • 4th: Mace Jam 2: A New Legabee
  • 3rd: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Swarming
  • 2nd: Silver Smurfers
  • Supreme Champions: Cats Rule Everything Around Me 

Tier 1 West

  • 4th: Death of a Snailsman
  • 3rd: Boom Box
  • 2nd: Tear Bears
  • Supreme Champions: Soak


Tier 3 East

  • 4th: To Bean or Not to Bean
  • 3rd: Gas Station Pizza Party
  • 2nd: Bee-FFs
  • Supreme Champions: Gen 10 for a Good Time

Tier 2 East

  • 4th: Honeys of the Hive
  • 3rd: This is Your Queen?
  • 2nd: Whisky Beesness
  • Supreme Champions: OnlyFlaps

Tier 1 East

  • 4th: Yeethaus
  • 3rd: Penguin Peeps
  • 2nd: My Whole Stack
  • Supreme Champions: Gang Gang Gang

Fall Circuit TOP PLAYS

BIG thanks to KG for showcasing these amazing players and teams throughout the circuit with his rad montages of TOP PLAYS. Subscribe and don’t forget to submit your plays. 

IGL Liaison Shout Out! 

Fall Circuit 2020 introduced double elimination, even more Almanac features, and the capture and distribution of who is casting what, where, and when with greater detail than ever – none of that would have been possible without Bee’sKnees. She’s the voice of the community and the Liaison we all needed and love, if you haven’t thanked her for her dedication to superior experiences and league play, what are you waiting for?

IGL’s KQB Winter Circuit 2021 starts January 4th. Learn more about Indy Gaming League.


Betelgeuse 1.63 Update

Betelgeuse 1.63 is the update to our 1.62 Betelgeuse release and contains many new features, including the heavily requested spectate feature! For a full view of what’s new, check out the release notes below!

Release Notes:

  • Spectate custom matches from the friend list or via a spectate code.
  • Custom match rule modifiers now available.
  • Region select will now ONLY place you in your selected region.
  • In game ping menu has been redesigned to show region and spectators.
  • Emote and dance on Meet Thy Family.
  • Emote in post-match. 
  • Added an option to block emotes and pings in game.
  • In game menus have been updated to allow you to set privacy permissions, adjust audio, enable voice chat, and change your input configuration.
  • A snail eat will now be counted as a kill for the rider.
  • Snail riders can now jump off the snail in one of three directions; front, up, and behind.
  • Quick Play matches will now start with only one player.
  • Quick Play will now allow a match with an AI queen if you choose runner as your preferred role.
  • AI movement updates.
  • Collider and physics updates to smooth out bumps.
  • PC players can now lock/unlock the framerate.
  • Switch performance improvements.
  • UI animation updates.
  • Many misc bug fixes.
  • Map Changes:
    • Added a 6th berry pile back to Helix. While the tension leading up to famines that the previous version enabled was very exciting, the famines themselves were both far too frequent and boring for everyone except the queens and any remaining warriors. We’ll be continuing to monitor famines across all maps and considering what, if any, mechanical changes to the game might fit best for famines in KQB.
    • Added a gun and removed the shield on Spire. Gun is underrepresented generally among the 7 maps, and this change should open up exciting new opportunities for play, especially in the bottom half of the map and the hives.

This release was made even better by the community Bug Hunt playtest participants! Join the conversation about this release, feature requests and playtesting via our Discord


Killer Queen Black: The Winner’s Hive

Indy Gaming League’s Summer Circuit 2020

HOT fun in the summertime!

Indy Gaming League’s Summer Circuit 2020 was the perfect way to cool down and hang out with friends this summer. From intense gameplay to polished casting, it was an exciting circuit that delivered some quality entertainment! 

Big thanks to all the players, casters, and spectators for making IGL’s Summer Circuit the best yet.

Our Discord Server welcomed a proper gentleman this season to assist us in not missing a thing! Always at your service, can we give it up for BOTler? !matches, !bracket, !teamfinder, you name it, BOTler has the answer. Community shout out to Dadcore and Bee’sKnees for introducing us to our new friend.

Tier 2 WEST

  • 4th: Flap Around and Find Out
  • 3rd: Cat Pics
  • 2nd: Blobby
  • Supreme Champions: Snailed It! 

The team that wrote “will probably lose every match but will have fun doing it!” in the team finder description takes the title! Championship Match casted by KG! Fun fact: KG casted 8 of 9 Snailed It! games. By the end of the season, he knew their stats better than they did. Congrats, Snailed It!

Tier 1 West

  • 4th: Snail in the Coffin
  • 3rd: Dave’s Killer Queen
  • 2nd: Tear Bears (west)
  • Supreme Champions: SoaK 

Championship Match viewing on The Big Show with Big Chungus! Shout out to SoaK and family – the first IGL match to be interrupted by a baby being born! Congrats on your win and your growing hive.

Tier 3 East

  • 4th: QuaranQueen
  • 2nd: Cross-Platform Disadvantaged
  • Supreme Champions: Temp

Some awesome Tier 3 East action this circuit. Congrats, Temp on your title and 7-1 record! Championship Match action with The QP MiniBosses!

Tier 2 East

  • 4th: Smooth Snailin’ 
  • 3rd: Whiskey Beesness
  • 2nd: According to All Known Laws
  • Supreme Champions: Tier 2

Tier 2 takes Tier 2, not confusing at all! Congrats on your win and 8-1 record! Prosive with the Championship Match cast!

Tier 1 East

  • 4th: Yeethaus
  • 3rd: DARK
  • 2nd: Tear Bears (east)
  • Supreme Champions: My Whole Stack

Tier 1 East put on a show this circuit. Congrats to all teams and to My Whole Stack on a great run with their only loss of the season in a bye match. View the Championship Match casted by Peanutphobia!

Summer Circuit TOP PLAYS: You can also check out TOP PLAYS per week from KQB Community Content Creator and Caster, KG! Thanks for putting these together to showcase these amazing players and teams.


Make sure to join our Discord where you can find Big Chungus’s weekly IGL recognition awards. They’re fun ones such as, the Purple Heart (most deaths in a week) to Eternal Warrior (most kills by a drone warrior) and even more in between! Thanks, Chungus for making us smile week after week!

IGL also releases official trophies and awards for most berries by a drone, most snail mileage by a drone, and most kills by a queen. Make sure to check out membership and their networks for some great content! More about Indy Gaming League.

Thanks again for an awesome Summer Circuit! Enjoy the off-season and get ready to game with friends this fall!

Registration is LIVE, closing Sept 25th: East Circuit & West Circuit

2021 Q1 Quarterly Roadmap Update


The Team at Killer Queen Black is excited to welcome Xbox and Stadia players this quarter! We’re also excited to share an updated Roadmap.

What’s ahead for KQB Dev:

Q1 2021

  • Stadia release – Spring go-live/date TBD
  • Audio improvements – along with other bug fixes and updates dropping this March with the 1.65 Release.

Q2 2021

  • Localization
  • Matchmaking tuning
  • Abs – Your Killer Queen Arcade fav will make it’s way to KQB!
  • New Map
    • Will it be added to the rotation?
    • Will we lose a map?
    • Stay tuned and find out!

Thank you for all your support as we go full speed into 2021!

That’s Amore!

KQB Celebrates ‘Spread the LOVE’ Week!

We like keeping achievements a mystery, but “That’s Amore” is a special one that deserves to be shared. But what kind of chocolates are those you ask?

Ika, Liquid Bit Games Artist, shares the flavors of her creation:

  • Snail: White chocolate and pistachio with caramel drizzle
  • Queen: Milk chocolate with dark chocolate drizzle and vanilla cream with crushed peanuts and pink sugar crystals
  • Worker: Dark mint chocolate with crushed cocoa nibs and bits of mint leaves
  • Berry: Berry dipped in milk chocolate with hazelnut drizzle

And now we want some chocolates! Have you achieved the “That’s Amore” win frame? Hint: it’s only available on the Split Juniper map – what hits your eye like a big pizza pie?

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air – here’s a transparent “That’s Amore” frame to fill for your special bee buds and beyond and a couple of other Valentine downloads to share with your hive.  

Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, BooRyder

Having picked up casting mid-Fall Circuit for Indy Gaming League matches in 2020, BooRyder is killing it with sweet graphics and exciting casts this Winter. Interested in co-casting with BooRyder? He’s open to it, just ask! 

We’re excited to have BooRyder in the KQB Community Casting mix, learn more about BooRyder (aka Buffaloboy on Discord) in this KQB Q&A:

KQB: What games do you cast?

BooRyder: Killer Queen Black, mainly. I’m also doing a weekly series called “SNES-TALGIA”  with my brother, Green Majik, where we play through classic super Nintendo games we played as kids and do commentary. I also have plans to do streams of games like For Honor and Total War: Warhammer in the near future.

KQB: What inspired you to get into casting?

BooRyder: It always interested me to stream games, but needed a laptop with the capability to do so. Once I acquired that, I saw casting KQB games as a great way to jump into the whole streaming process. I genuinely enjoy talking about the game, but I also saw it as a way to give back to the community, as Killer Queen as a whole has meant a lot to me. It’s fun getting hype with a community that’s very supportive.

KQB: What games do you play?

BooRyder: Currently KQB, For Honor, and Total War: Warhammer 2, and Dragon’s Dogma.

KQB: What’s something about your casting style that makes your streams unique?

BooRyder: I sometimes play my own original intro music during my casts. I also have plans to DJ live before the cast but I’ll see if I get to that haha. I just try to bring the hype!

KQB: What’s a favorite casting memory of yours?

BooRyder: There are a lot of KQB ones, but I might have to say my first edition of SNES-TALGIA, it was a blast to relive some of the memories.

KQB: When you aren’t gaming or casting you’re?

BooRyder: Exercising, making music, working on computer animation, eating sushi, taking walks, and meditating.

KQB: What animal is your kindred spirit?

BooRyder: Panther 

KQB: Is there anything else we should know?

BooRyder: I have a black cat named Ten-Ten and she is a sweetheart.

Live DJ pre-game action, please! Thanks for all you do, BooRyder – keep up the awesome casts!

Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, Arguas

You know him as the new-bee event host with the most and a member of the QP MiniBoss crew, meet Arguas!

You can catch Arguas co-casting with Jats, tm0z, ThirsT, ssbm_snek, and Andreaktor – but know if you want in the co-casting mix, the QP MiniBosses are always up for guests. Looking forward to becoming an official Indy Gaming League Caster, Arguas, has been picking up matches since the Fall Circuit of 2020 – let’s give him a big welcome to the KQB Casting Community! 

Here’s what else Arguas shared with us:

KQB: What games do you cast?

Arguas: Any and all Killer Queen Black games that need to be cast. I devote a lot of energy to the KQB community to help it grow and prosper, especially at this infancy stage of the game.

KQB: What inspired you to get into casting?

Arguas: In the early stages of the game, I started to encourage Jats to cast when several other people demonstrated they could do it. Coombzy in particular was very supportive in giving him tips to do it. When that got started and tm0z started to find success casting with Jats, I expressed that I thought I could do it pretty well. The team agreed and put me on a cast, and I added something to the casting crew they never really had, which was solid play-by-play and good inter-game analysis. 

The more I saw of the community, the more insights that I thought I could bring to the table. Now, I occasionally get people telling me that I’m the voice of the KQB community, which just shows me that I have grown enough to have some prominence. I love this community and all of the people in it!

KQB: What games do you play?

Arguas: I am open to all gaming except shooters and sports emulation games, but I have a particular love for strategy and card games. I’ve liked team games before KQB but I was pretty bad at them. KQB scratches the team game itch while being something I can perform decently well at with the time I can invest. Recently, I have gotten really into Hades with my wife.

KQB: What’s something about your casting style that makes your streams unique?

Arguas: Play-by-play playfulness and the “Make Arguas Sing” incentive has recently taken off to cement my particular casting uniqueness.

KQB: What’s a favorite casting memory of yours?

Arguas: I have many positive ones, but I think doing Extra Life and raising actual money and donations to help out the KQB community, and hitting two targets has been extremely validating. It made me feel like a bit of a standout in the community and very happy that I am part of something greater.

KQB: When you aren’t gaming or casting you’re?

Arguas: Working hard at everything else. I’m a husband devoted to my wife’s growth as a multitalented person, and a team lead on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, working at WB Games San Francisco. I live a pretty exhausting life, to be honest.

KQB: What animal is your kindred spirit?

Arguas: If you asked me about 5 years ago, I would have answered “Angel” for my aspirations of perfection that I could never achieve. I don’t really like animals or the term “kindred spirit” when referencing them either. If you go with “what animal am I most like”, I would say “Dog” for my love of personal companionship and wanting to be a good boy.

KQB: Is there anything else we should know?

Arguas: Some fun facts about me:

  • In high school, I was an OK Jazz musician, playing the trumpet, and a track athlete. A pole vaulter (what I actually liked) and a distance runner (a family thing I got from my dad). However, I stopped doing any choir stuff in middle school, because I was louder and flatter than I could perceive myself being. And yet people want me to sing? It boggles my mind; it is truly terrible, and yet, here we are.
  • I am an advocate for this community and try to be a super spreader for Killer Queen Black because I am worried about seeing the game go away as the money dries up. I have seen this happen in my time at Zynga, and a bit at WB, time and time again, and this game deserves much better than being sunset.
  • I love psychology and using games as a way to make the world a better place, and I’ve devoted part of my life to that concept. As a race, we can do better at empathizing with each other when we have better ways to share experiences.
  • Working on a deck builder prototype in the scant bit of free time I have.

Thank you, Arguas, for your support and love of Killer Queen Black! 

Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, Woody the KQA Queen

Meet Woody, the mastermind behind Killer Queen Flight School. Before Killer Queen Black, Woody was making a name for himself in the KQ scene as the ultimate Queen playing in tournaments, hosting Office Hours, and being a general pillar of the KQ competitive scene. In addition to being a stellar player, Woody has been producing Killer Queen content since the Fall of 2018 and has since picked up casting matches and hosting Office Hours for Killer Queen Black. 

We had to know more, here’s what Woody the KQA Queen had to say:

KQB: What games do you cast?

Woody: I exclusively cast Killer Queen Black matches right now. But before the pandemic, I was commentating Killer Queen Arcade matches at tournaments and excited to get back to it.

KQB: What inspired you to get into casting?

Woody: By nature, Killer Queen can be difficult to master and the dissemination of game knowledge is challenging to say the least. When we set out with Flight School it was in order to empower new players to pick up the game at a more competitive level and to spread the knowledge of top players to anyone trying to learn and grow. We believe that strategy, techniques, and knowledge should be shared openly in the community because everyone benefits when we all grow as players and community members.

KQB: What games do you play?

Woody: I’ve put more hours into Killer Queen and Killer Queen Black than any other games in my entire life. Outside of these, I’m a huge fan of the Soulsborne games by From Software. Also, everyone should play the new Digimon games – I promise you they’re so, so good.

KQB: What’s something about your casting style that makes your streams unique?

Woody: I successfully direct viewer attention to the right hot spots and go on long tangents about specific minor things I found really exciting. Plus, I can rant about how different every moment is from Arcade out of nowhere.

KQB: What’s a favorite casting memory of yours?

Woody: When I was actively narrating that Blue side won on berries because they dunked the last one, I looked away from the screen to update the score, and BOOM! An amazing speed berry throw from Altppt to steal the game for Gold. I looked back stunned and haven’t recovered since.

KQB: When you aren’t gaming or casting you’re?

Woody: With the current state of things? Cooking, painting, and listening to sad people singing pretty music.

KQB: What animal is your kindred spirit?

Woody: Ah-hem – this may surprise you – but it is indeed The Queen Bee.

Bridging the gap between KQA and KQB, we love what Woody brings to the community! Show some love for all things bee game and tune in to an Office Hours or stream asap! Flight School on Twitch.

Meet SaaS – Snail as a Service

We love learning more about the Killer Queen Black teams of Indy Gaming League. This week, we’re featuring Fall Circuit’s Tier 3 West Champions, SaaS – Snail as a Service. While SaaS took the title, we’re also here to celebrate all the T3W players and shoutout Blobby, Garbage Snail Kids, and I Make Honey Moves, on some great battles this circuit too!

Meet SaaS – Snail as a Service

You must work in technology, right? SaaS – Snail as a Service team members, Shenanigans, higa, femi, swordfish_duke, dreamconch, and hai, have all worked together, or currently do, at Sumo Logic. You guessed it, Sumo Logic is a Software as a Service company and was the inspiration for the team’s name. And how about that clever logo?

All SaaS players were pre-pandemic Killer Queen arcade players, playing almost daily at their office. 5 of the 6 have participated in at least one KQA tournament. The 6th was going to participate in his first in 2020, but you guessed it – Get Drunk Clash 5 was put on a pandemic hold. 

More fun SaaS facts from team member, Shenanigans:

– We were probably the only team to use Zoom and Slack instead of Discord for team comms. 

– You can often find us hitting up Ranked on Friday nights as a group, including some of our other coworkers who were not on the IGL team. 

– Multiple members of the team participated in the very first KQB beta in 2018 as part of a four-person couch stack. 

– SaaS did not lose a single map to a Snail Victory the entire season and recorded four true Snail Victories. 

– SaaS did well in the IGL Almanac Season Awards, taking 3 of the 5 awards and placing at least one person in every category. Higa was the most impressive at 17.7 kills/set, with second place being 11.6.

You can watch the Championship Match, casted by BooRyder, here.

The more you know! Thanks for sharing, SaaS, and congratulations on your Indy Gaming League KQB Fall Circuit 2020 Championship title!