KQB 1.65 Release: Patch Notes

Killer Queen Black’s 1.65 update is LIVE Updates are here! The Liquid Bit team launched the 1.65 Release for Killer Queen Black moments ago. Here are the patch notes: Fixes & updates list: New in-game music Player name sanitizer has been scolded and promises to try and be more forgiving Players now auto-spawn when joiningContinue reading “KQB 1.65 Release: Patch Notes”

2021 Q1 Quarterly Roadmap Update

#1 Goal: MORE PLAYERS! The Team at Killer Queen Black is excited to welcome Xbox and Stadia players this quarter! We’re also excited to share an updated Roadmap. What’s ahead for KQB Dev: Q1 2021 New post-match stats – check Rank reset and new ranking algorithms – check Xbox Release – LIVE 2/23 for cloudContinue reading “2021 Q1 Quarterly Roadmap Update”

That’s Amore!

KQB Celebrates ‘Spread the LOVE’ Week! We like keeping achievements a mystery, but “That’s Amore” is a special one that deserves to be shared. But what kind of chocolates are those you ask? Ika, Liquid Bit Games Artist, shares the flavors of her creation: Snail: White chocolate and pistachio with caramel drizzle Queen: Milk chocolateContinue reading “That’s Amore!”

Release Notes: Betelgeuse 1.64

RANK RESET + other updates happening Monday, February 1, 2021 Get ready for the early release of 1.64! PC and Switch players can get a head start on the rank reset Monday, February 1st, 2021. The patch, originally planned to go live alongside the Xbox Game Pass launch, will be available ahead of schedule atContinue reading “Release Notes: Betelgeuse 1.64”

Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, BooRyder

Having picked up casting mid-Fall Circuit for Indy Gaming League matches in 2020, BooRyder is killing it with sweet graphics and exciting casts this Winter. Interested in co-casting with BooRyder? He’s open to it, just ask!  We’re excited to have BooRyder in the KQB Community Casting mix, learn more about BooRyder (aka Buffaloboy on Discord)Continue reading “Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, BooRyder”

Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, Arguas

You know him as the new-bee event host with the most and a member of the QP MiniBoss crew, meet Arguas! You can catch Arguas co-casting with Jats, tm0z, ThirsT, ssbm_snek, and Andreaktor – but know if you want in the co-casting mix, the QP MiniBosses are always up for guests. Looking forward to becomingContinue reading “Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, Arguas”

Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, Woody the KQA Queen

Meet Woody, the mastermind behind Killer Queen Flight School. Before Killer Queen Black, Woody was making a name for himself in the KQ scene as the ultimate Queen playing in tournaments, hosting Office Hours, and being a general pillar of the KQ competitive scene. In addition to being a stellar player, Woody has been producingContinue reading “Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, Woody the KQA Queen”

Meet SaaS – Snail as a Service

We love learning more about the Killer Queen Black teams of Indy Gaming League. This week, we’re featuring Fall Circuit’s Tier 3 West Champions, SaaS – Snail as a Service. While SaaS took the title, we’re also here to celebrate all the T3W players and shoutout Blobby, Garbage Snail Kids, and I Make Honey Moves,Continue reading “Meet SaaS – Snail as a Service”

The Winner’s Hive: Indy Gaming League’s KQB Fall Circuit 2020

Indy Gaming League’s Fall Circuit 2020 was a display of hardcore talent, professional, polished casting, emerging casters, 4th circuit regulars, and some new, exciting teams too! Thank you to IGL, the players, and the community for another incredible circuit. IGL’s KQB Fall Circuit by the numbers: 4th IGL for KQB – that’s 1 FULL YEAR!Continue reading “The Winner’s Hive: Indy Gaming League’s KQB Fall Circuit 2020”

Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, egeefree

If you haven’t checked out an egeefree cast yet, what are you waiting for?! Part of the Tear Bears team and crew, you can find her with Teiko, Alteffor, RetroHeroSx, Obo, LittlePenguinDude, Lightsabermetrics, Peanutphobia, and Dadcore! Egeefree loves casting with her teammates, other femmes in the community, and good friends too! She’s always down toContinue reading “Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, egeefree”