Killer Queen Black Q2 2021 Roadmap Review

With June upon us it’s time to reflect on the first half of 2021, celebrate the goals we’ve met, and get hyped about what’s ahead. 

The team at Liquid Bit published a KQB roadmap just prior to our release on Xbox, Game Pass, and Stadia in February of 2021. Time flies! Since then, we’ve welcomed new players and witnessed a lot of cross-platform action.

NEW platform launch highlights: 

  • Xbox Tavern picked up KQB and we loved the raw honesty in their review. Yes, sometimes a chaotic multiplayer might be intimidating, but once you get going, it is actually quite addictive. 
  • In another Xbox review, Liquid Bit’s Adam Walters and Chris Wallace, chat it up with Chris Clarke of Xbox Era to dive into our history, gameplay, and community.
  • The SML Podcast crew hosted a session with Liquid Bit’s Matt Tesch and Mike Chorak – tune in for a super-fun party cast celebrating our Xbox launch.
  • Our release on Stadia allowed us to meet content creators from around the world including, CloudGamingDad, who sparked a run of Liquid Bit devs jumping in streams and connecting with Stadia players. Here’s one of the first looks of KQB on Stadia with Lee, LB’s devs, and KQB community regulars. 

Other 2021 Updates

A few of the changes that have taken place over the last 6 months:

  • We pushed 1.65 in March, which included in-game audio updates and a slew of fixes.
  • The MMR refresh of February 2021 is explained in more detail here and you can dig even deeper into the behind the scenes of the new post-match screens here.
  • The Liquid Bit team is still ecstatic over our localization efforts. This exciting update was no small feat, we now offer localization in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean for PC players!


  • We are in the process of submitting our next release which tackles bugs, includes a new map, ABS, and MORE!
  • KQB launches on Amazon Luna June 10th!
  • We’re working on a new map and a new character for our Q3 release. As always, we will continue to monitor matchmaking, bugs, and feature requests. 

Last, but not least – Q2 of 2021 introduced a fan-designed, community-developed KQB league! A big Liquid Bit and Killer Queen Black welcome and thank you to the hardworking folks that make BGL so special. Learn more about Bee Game League, their tournaments, and events here

Thank you for your ongoing support, stay tuned for 1.66!

– The Killer Queen Black Team

Published by Jackie, Liquid Bit

From the desk of the Marketing and Content Manager, Liquid Bit Games.

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