What’s that on Voice Chat?

Welcome to the ever-evolving, official-unofficial, Killer Queen Black glossary of terms. 

In general, Killer Queen, and its expanding universe, have maintained a philosophy of not naming anything explicitly. Having fans and players attribute their own nicknames and references is entertaining and encouraged, but can sometimes be confusing. For a full list of community lingo, visit the original KQB player’s dictionary.

For new players, casters, and spectators may this glossary help you dissect some of the Killer Queen Black vernacular and inspire the creation of your own – but most importantly, help you communicate via the in-game chat and strengthen your strategy for the chaotic battle that is KQB.

Berries, beans, pearls, orbs, balls – it all works! For the purpose of this glossary, we will refer to “them” as “berries.”

KQB’s Official-Unofficial Community Voice Chat Glossary

What did they say?What it refers to:
Hive Where characters start the game and where the “berry” deposits are for progress on an economic victory.
Win ConditionsMilitary Victory: Kill the enemy’s queen three times.
Economic Victory or Econ: Fill your team’s hive with “berries.”
Snail Victory: Ride the snail to your team’s goal. 
Platforms or ledges (noun)Where you run, jump to. 
Ledge, Ledging (verb)  Guarding an enemy hive to defend against economic victory. Prevent “berries” from scoring, kill enemies in or near the hive, and push loose “berries” away from the enemy hive and toward their own hive.
Game/match/win/mapBest practice for scoring lingo.
Game = one map
Set = winning 3 games in a best of 5
Match = winner of the required amount of sets as per the league/tournament rules
MapsBlack Queen’s Keep (BQK)
Helix Temple
Split Juniper
Tally Fields
Nesting Flats
Gates Places workers can take a “berry” to transform/upgrade into a warrior.
Upgrades Either going speed or shield. Often on nesting, one drone will head directly to the upgrade gate on open and make the call out, I’m getting upgrades.
Speed Sword
(or any weapon)
When a runner has speed and then upgrades at a gate to become a warrior/soldier.
Sword and BoardWhen a worker has both a sword + shield.
Super DroneWhen a worker has speed + shield.
VoltronWhen a worker has shield + speed + sword.
RobocopWhen a worker has shield + speed + laser.
Super Soldier or “going super”When a worker has speed + shield + sword.
Tokyo When a worker has a speed upgrade.
Wall and BallWhen a worker has shield + mace.
I’m DownWhen you have been killed and are re-spawning.
I’m UpWhen you have successfully completed a military upgrade. “I’m up.” “I’m up sword.” “I’m up mace.”
I’m Going ____State the intended location and upgrade type in order to avoid a rush of multiple workers to the same gate location and/or upgrade type and split the queen’s attention. “I’m going left gate.” “I’m going laser.”
On TwoUsed to indicate that the Queen or enemy Queen has died once.
On LastUsed to indicate that the Queen or enemy Queen has died twice and the match will end on the next kill.

May indicate a need for worker(s) to upgrade to military to defend their own Queen or help achieve the final kill of the enemy Queen for a Military victory. If their own team is near Economic or Snail victory, workers can say “Stay Safe” or “Stay Alive” to indicate Queen only needs to play conservatively for a short time to allow for other objective victory conditions to be met.
All Mil or full millWhen all three workers go military. “They’re going all mil.”
When two workers go economy.
When all three workers go economy.
WipedWhen a team has no military up, usually due to recent kills.

Thank you to BeeKnee’s, sklover, tm0z, KQB Discord Mods, and the casting community for your love the game, your bee-utiful puns, and the creation of above terms to keep things interesting.

Have you coined a KQB term? Drop in the comments and we just might include it in our next glossary update. Thanks!

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