IGL Winter Circuit 2021 KQB Winner’s Hive

Indy Gaming League’s Winter Circuit – that’s a wrap!

Congratulations to the 209 players, making up 50 teams, who battled it out in Indy Gaming League’s Winter Circuit 2021. With 5 Tiers of play, the matches were non-stop and the KQB Casting Community delivered almost every match on stream – way to go!

Give it up for the KQB IGL Champions of Winter Circuit 2021!

Tier 1 East

Champions: Gang Gang Gang | 2nd: My Whole Stack | 3rd: Penguin Peeps

Tier 2 East

Champions: Neon Squawk | 2nd: Vitamin Bee | 3rd: Hive Mates

Tier 3 East

Champions: RACHEEEEEEL! | 2nd: Los Vesperados | 3rd: Ok Google, Hey Alexa!

Tier 1 U West

Champions: SoaK | 2nd: Tear Bears | 3rd: Boom Box

Tier 1 L West

Champions: Cats Rule Everything Around Me | 2nd: Forming, Storming, Norming, and SWARMING! | 3rd: Daves Killer Queen

Tier 2 U West

Champions: Bee Gees – Stayin’ Ahive | 2nd: Garbage Snail Kids | 3rd: Dame Nace

Tier 2 L West

Champions: Lousy_t_shirt.png | 2nd: Number of the Bees | 3rd: Hive Fives

Shout out to all the players, casters, and spectators for bringing it this winter. A huge thank you to KQB league liaison, Bee’sKnees and the IGL community for a great season.

Thank you Indy Gaming League for another fantastic circuit!

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