Frequently Asked Questions Q2 2021

Welcome to the KQB FAQ. So many questions, so many resources. This is a good starting point. You can also jump in #questions in our official Discord server where community members and devs tackle Q’s in real time.

General KQB FAQ

Q: What platforms can you play Killer Queen Black on?

A: Nintendo Switch, PC: Steam and Discord, Xbox and Xbox Game Pass, Stadia, and Luna!

Q: Is there a physical edition of Killer Queen Black?

A: Yes, only for Nintendo Switch.

Q: Is this an online version of the arcade game?

A: No, this is a new game in the Killer Queen universe, designed from the ground up for home consoles. Learn more about Killer Queen and BumbleBear here.

Q: What are the modes of play?

A: Offline: local / Online: Unranked, Ranked, and Custom Matches

  • Offline/Local: Local wireless is available for up to eight players on Switch, PC, and Xbox.
  • Online:
    • Unranked: Hop in solo or with your friends and play against other teams in exhibition matches that don’t affect your overall score.
    • Ranked: Put it all on the line. Hop in solo and get matched with players of your skill level, or join with three friends and compete against other online teams to increase your score and rise in the leaderboards!
    • Custom Match: Create a private game and invite up to eight players online to battle for bragging rights!

Q: Does Killer Queen Black offer cross-play?

A: Yes. 

Q: Can multiple people queue up and enter an online game together?

A: Yes, remote party support is included. 

Q: Do Bots play in ranked matches?

A: No.

Q: How does the queen selection work online?

A: Queen selection works by choosing a ‘preferred’ role before you enter matchmaking. The game prioritizes having a non-Bot queen on each side.

Q: Is there league play?

A: Yes! Check out the KQB community designed and developed for league play and events!

Q: Is there a spectate mode?

A: Yes, you can watch live streams of your friends’ matches if they have the setting enabled, or watch live custom games if you have the spectate code. KQB-TV is a great way to see a variety of matches featuring players beyond your friends list!

Q: Any tips on troubleshooting firewall connection issues?

A: If you’re having issues connecting, the first thing to check is Firewall Permissions. You can do this via the Windows control panel, but oftentimes anti-virus software handles the firewall too. In the Windows search bar (accessed via the Windows icon in the bottom left of the taskbar), type ‘firewall’, click ‘firewall status’ and on the left side of the window, choose ‘Allow an app through the firewall.’ Scroll down to find Killer Queen Black – if it’s not there, you’ll need to add the executable manually. If it is there, make sure it’s allowed and not blocked through your firewall, and if it isn’t, allow it through! If the executable is missing from the list, the easiest way to find it is to right-click the game in the Steam Library, go to Properties, then Local Files, to ‘browse location’ and then copy the directory at the top. When you choose to add a program to the firewall, paste the directory address and select the executable.

Q: Does mashing make a difference? If I’m playing queen and dashing from one side of the map to the other is it quicker to mash the button as fast as I can or does the game have some way of compensating?

A: Mashing CAN, but doesn’t always. There’s a limit to how many flap inputs can be registered.

Q: Are the Killer Queen and Killer Queen Black snails different snails? I know they look different, but maybe one just molted? Are they both Winston?

A: Different snails. There are two Winstons – one in KQB and one in Brice’s fishtank.  

Q: Where can I go to report abusive or toxic language or behavior?   

A: While the game does not currently have a report feature, we want to ensure the community both in-game and on Discord can enjoy a fun, competitive, and respectful environment. Visit #rules-and-reporting for more details. If you encounter individuals exhibiting toxic and/or abusive behaviors report to a MOD in our Discord community immediately. 

Q: Is there an official community code of conduct?

A: This agreement outlines the expectations of members of the Killer Queen Black community online and at events.

Discord Community FAQs

Q: What is LFG?

A: LFG is “looking for games.” Use this channel to find other members looking to form a party. 

Q: What is Solo Queue Arena?

A: You can hop in ranked queue solo and use the voice channel “solo queue arena” to interact with other community members also queueing ranked solo. 

Q: Are there gameplay guides?

A: Yes, the KQB community has contributed to a Wiki page with basic information as well as detailed visual guides.

Don’t see the answer you were looking for?

Check out Liquid Bit’s Linktree for community spots, review this r/XboxSeriesX AMA for more on the Black Team, or feel free to add a comment or drop your question in our Discord #questions channel. We look forward to sharing quarterly updates on the KQB FAQ.

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