KQB 1.65 Release: Patch Notes

Killer Queen Black’s 1.65 update is LIVE

Updates are here! The Liquid Bit team launched the 1.65 Release for Killer Queen Black moments ago. Here are the patch notes:

Fixes & updates list:

  • New in-game music
  • Player name sanitizer has been scolded and promises to try and be more forgiving
  • Players now auto-spawn when joining a match late
  • Fixed an issue with players dropping in Meet Thy Family, did not display the correct UI
  • Network Next is re-enabled
  • Fixed an issue with league headers on the leaderboards getting into a weird state
  • Xbox players can now receive invites and join games in a match (this includes ranked, so be careful not to incur punishment in doing so)
  • Dive has been assigned to the down button by default
  • Better memory management in gameplay to reduce frame stutter
  • Helmets have been added back to the tutorial warriors
  • While carrying a shield, thrown berries now have the same trajectory as when not carrying a shield
  • JSON Export of match stats provided (PC Only)
    • Windows: <USER_DIRECTORY>/AppData/LocalLow/Liquid Bit, LLC/Killer Queen Black/match-stats
    • Mac: <USER_DIRECTORY>/Library/Application Support/com.LiquidBit.KillerQueenBlack/match-stats

Post-match updates:

  • Fixed an issue where the Queen would show snail stats
  • Added win conditions to the map panel in post-match
  • Dancing is re-enabled on post-match
  • Fixed an issue with berry stats on post-match not reflecting thrown and deposited berries correctly
  • Queen deaths on post-match now display the correct color of the Queen that died in the graphs
  • Gate control statistic has been updated, no longer takes into account neutral gates
  • Switch players will no longer get stranded on post-match if their non-switch teammates advance

What’s next:

  • Stay tuned for an official go-live on Stadia date!
  • The first Roadmap update from earlier this month is on track – check it out.

Thank you for your support! – The Killer Queen Black Team

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From the desk of the Marketing and Content Manager, Liquid Bit Games.

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