Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, Woody the KQA Queen

Meet Woody, the mastermind behind Killer Queen Flight School. Before Killer Queen Black, Woody was making a name for himself in the KQ scene as the ultimate Queen playing in tournaments, hosting Office Hours, and being a general pillar of the KQ competitive scene. In addition to being a stellar player, Woody has been producing Killer Queen content since the Fall of 2018 and has since picked up casting matches and hosting Office Hours for Killer Queen Black. 

We had to know more, here’s what Woody the KQA Queen had to say:

KQB: What games do you cast?

Woody: I exclusively cast Killer Queen Black matches right now. But before the pandemic, I was commentating Killer Queen Arcade matches at tournaments and excited to get back to it.

KQB: What inspired you to get into casting?

Woody: By nature, Killer Queen can be difficult to master and the dissemination of game knowledge is challenging to say the least. When we set out with Flight School it was in order to empower new players to pick up the game at a more competitive level and to spread the knowledge of top players to anyone trying to learn and grow. We believe that strategy, techniques, and knowledge should be shared openly in the community because everyone benefits when we all grow as players and community members.

KQB: What games do you play?

Woody: I’ve put more hours into Killer Queen and Killer Queen Black than any other games in my entire life. Outside of these, I’m a huge fan of the Soulsborne games by From Software. Also, everyone should play the new Digimon games – I promise you they’re so, so good.

KQB: What’s something about your casting style that makes your streams unique?

Woody: I successfully direct viewer attention to the right hot spots and go on long tangents about specific minor things I found really exciting. Plus, I can rant about how different every moment is from Arcade out of nowhere.

KQB: What’s a favorite casting memory of yours?

Woody: When I was actively narrating that Blue side won on berries because they dunked the last one, I looked away from the screen to update the score, and BOOM! An amazing speed berry throw from Altppt to steal the game for Gold. I looked back stunned and haven’t recovered since.

KQB: When you aren’t gaming or casting you’re?

Woody: With the current state of things? Cooking, painting, and listening to sad people singing pretty music.

KQB: What animal is your kindred spirit?

Woody: Ah-hem – this may surprise you – but it is indeed The Queen Bee.

Bridging the gap between KQA and KQB, we love what Woody brings to the community! Show some love for all things bee game and tune in to an Office Hours or stream asap! Flight School on Twitch.

Published by Jackie, Liquid Bit

From the desk of the Marketing and Content Manager, Liquid Bit Games. We are the development studio behind the multiplayer, platformer, Killer Queen Black. KQB is available on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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