Meet SaaS – Snail as a Service

We love learning more about the Killer Queen Black teams of Indy Gaming League. This week, we’re featuring Fall Circuit’s Tier 3 West Champions, SaaS – Snail as a Service. While SaaS took the title, we’re also here to celebrate all the T3W players and shoutout Blobby, Garbage Snail Kids, and I Make Honey Moves, on some great battles this circuit too!

Meet SaaS – Snail as a Service

You must work in technology, right? SaaS – Snail as a Service team members, Shenanigans, higa, femi, swordfish_duke, dreamconch, and hai, have all worked together, or currently do, at Sumo Logic. You guessed it, Sumo Logic is a Software as a Service company and was the inspiration for the team’s name. And how about that clever logo?

All SaaS players were pre-pandemic Killer Queen arcade players, playing almost daily at their office. 5 of the 6 have participated in at least one KQA tournament. The 6th was going to participate in his first in 2020, but you guessed it – Get Drunk Clash 5 was put on a pandemic hold. 

More fun SaaS facts from team member, Shenanigans:

– We were probably the only team to use Zoom and Slack instead of Discord for team comms. 

– You can often find us hitting up Ranked on Friday nights as a group, including some of our other coworkers who were not on the IGL team. 

– Multiple members of the team participated in the very first KQB beta in 2018 as part of a four-person couch stack. 

– SaaS did not lose a single map to a Snail Victory the entire season and recorded four true Snail Victories. 

– SaaS did well in the IGL Almanac Season Awards, taking 3 of the 5 awards and placing at least one person in every category. Higa was the most impressive at 17.7 kills/set, with second place being 11.6.

You can watch the Championship Match, casted by BooRyder, here.

The more you know! Thanks for sharing, SaaS, and congratulations on your Indy Gaming League KQB Fall Circuit 2020 Championship title!

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