The Winner’s Hive: Indy Gaming League’s KQB Fall Circuit 2020

Indy Gaming League’s Fall Circuit 2020 was a display of hardcore talent, professional, polished casting, emerging casters, 4th circuit regulars, and some new, exciting teams too! Thank you to IGL, the players, and the community for another incredible circuit.

IGL’s KQB Fall Circuit by the numbers:

  • 4th IGL for KQB – that’s 1 FULL YEAR!
  • 7 tiers of play – 4 in the west and 3 in the east
  • The roster: 275 teammates with 214 unique players = 50 teams! 
  • 241 matches total with 209 streamed – wow! 
  • 17 official KQB Casters in our Community!

*Learn more about the KQB Community of Casters

What’s an IGL Circuit without the hard-working BOTler?

BOTler really shined this season! Thanks to Dadcore’s tech-savvy and Bee’sKnees Almanac organization, this fine gentleman delivered match schedule after bracket upon team finder to be the resource we rely on to stay in-the-know. 

As the proper BOTler would say himself, “without further ado, let’s give a hooray for our champions!”


Tier 4 West

  • 4th: Wannabees
  • 3rd: 1337corp
  • 2nd: The Bridge Crew
  • Supreme Champions: Dame Nice

Tier 3 West

  • 4th: Blobby
  • 3rd: Garbage Snail Kids
  • 2nd: I Make Honey Moves
  • Supreme Champions: SaaS – Snail as a Service

Tier 2 West

  • 4th: Mace Jam 2: A New Legabee
  • 3rd: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Swarming
  • 2nd: Silver Smurfers
  • Supreme Champions: Cats Rule Everything Around Me 

Tier 1 West

  • 4th: Death of a Snailsman
  • 3rd: Boom Box
  • 2nd: Tear Bears
  • Supreme Champions: Soak


Tier 3 East

  • 4th: To Bean or Not to Bean
  • 3rd: Gas Station Pizza Party
  • 2nd: Bee-FFs
  • Supreme Champions: Gen 10 for a Good Time

Tier 2 East

  • 4th: Honeys of the Hive
  • 3rd: This is Your Queen?
  • 2nd: Whisky Beesness
  • Supreme Champions: OnlyFlaps

Tier 1 East

  • 4th: Yeethaus
  • 3rd: Penguin Peeps
  • 2nd: My Whole Stack
  • Supreme Champions: Gang Gang Gang

Fall Circuit TOP PLAYS

BIG thanks to KG for showcasing these amazing players and teams throughout the circuit with his rad montages of TOP PLAYS. Subscribe and don’t forget to submit your plays. 

IGL Liaison Shout Out! 

Fall Circuit 2020 introduced double elimination, even more Almanac features, and the capture and distribution of who is casting what, where, and when with greater detail than ever – none of that would have been possible without Bee’sKnees. She’s the voice of the community and the Liaison we all needed and love, if you haven’t thanked her for her dedication to superior experiences and league play, what are you waiting for?

IGL’s KQB Winter Circuit 2021 starts January 4th. Learn more about Indy Gaming League.

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