Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, egeefree

If you haven’t checked out an egeefree cast yet, what are you waiting for?! Part of the Tear Bears team and crew, you can find her with Teiko, Alteffor, RetroHeroSx, Obo, LittlePenguinDude, Lightsabermetrics, Peanutphobia, and Dadcore! Egeefree loves casting with her teammates, other femmes in the community, and good friends too! She’s always down to cast with others, feel free to reach out and start your co-casting adventure with one of the best! 

“I promise I’ll make it easy on you and do all the hard work. Looking at you Cardi ;)” – egeefree

We asked a few more questions, here’s what egeefree had to say:

KQB: What games do you cast?

EGEE: Killer Queen Black & Killer Queen Arcade

KQB: What inspired you to get into casting?

EGEE: I dipped my toes into casting during my Killer Queen Arcade scene’s weekly stream and then cast for the first time with Jelloey & MKSteele at Cactus Clash earlier this year. I even got to cast the finals, which was really fun despite being almost 2 a.m. and after 12+ hours of playing the dumb bee game.

KQB: What games do you play?

EGEE: From a competitive standpoint, I only play Killer Queen Arcade and Killer Queen Black. My arcade team in real life is actually made up of JAB, Kova, and Guvnah. We got to reunite and play as a Killer Queen Black team in the Birthday BYOT tournament, which was so cool to see that chemistry carried over between games. 

I play Killer Queen Black as a part of the Tear Bears and cannot stress enough how much I love those boys (as both friends and teammates) with my whole heart. I feel extremely lucky to have found my people pretty early in this game and it’s been so rewarding to grow from players who got dead last (or close to it) in our first season to taking second on both east and west T1 circuits last season. 

I grew up playing a lot of Nintendo and the Legend of Zelda series include my favorite games of all time. I did just finish my first PS4 game, The Last of Us, and I loved it so much I’m going to start playing other console games.

KQB: What’s something about your casting style that makes your streams unique?

EGEE: When I started playing Killer Queen Arcade, I noticed that a lot of casters would only pay attention to queens and speed warriors. There’s no worse feeling than pulling off a hype, game-changing drone play and having the caster gloss over it completely OR attribute it to the queen or speed warrior. I really try to focus on great drone/mace play that often gets overlooked and overall team strategy/cohesion. I’ll never miss a chance to call out a fast and aggressive queen like KG, though! ❤

KQB: What’s a favorite casting memory of yours?

EGEE: Casting any of the Honeys of the Hive or I Make Honey Moves games. It’s so inspirational to watch a full femme team kick butt and take names in this video game. I love hyping all of those ladies up and seeing them improve week-by-week. I’m so proud that KT & Cardi Bee pulled together such an incredible group of women to create two dominating teams. 

Fun fact: &i queens a full femme/non-binary Killer Queen Arcade team that consistently places top three at major tournaments. At first, I didn’t feel like there was a lot of space for me in my local competitive scene and meeting &i for the first time made me reevaluate why I felt that way. I credit her help and guidance as one of the reasons I stuck with playing arcade and I love seeing it come full circle with her playing KQB now! Representation matters and I’m proud to watch Honeys of the Hive and I Make Honey Moves continue to make more space for other femmes in the competitive scene.

KQB: When you aren’t gaming or casting you’re?

EGEE: I’m into outdoor recreation. I love whitewater kayaking, skiing, and camping. I have started getting into other video games and want to play Hollow Knight after I finish The Last of Us 2. I love to spend time with my Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Sevro, named after the Red Rising series, and my boyfriend Jeff (who I met through playing KQB).

KQB: What animal is your kindred spirit?

EGEE: A river otter! A group of three came up and circled around me in a Northern California river once.

KQB: Is there anything else we should know?

EGEE: Sorry, I took so long to do this 😔

Worth the wait – thank you for being part of our casting community! We love egeefree’s positive casting attitude and all her custom graphics too! Make sure to join a stream and see those eggmojis in action! 

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From the desk of the Marketing and Content Manager, Liquid Bit Games. We are the development studio behind the multiplayer, platformer, Killer Queen Black. KQB is available on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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