Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, ghostshockrival

Ghostshockrival joined the KQB caster lineup for Indy Gaming League’s Fall Circuit and has been delivering some awesome streams ever since. It’s great to have ghostshockrival in the KQB casting community, make sure to show some love with a follow and fill that chat!

Learn more about ghostshockrival in this KQB Q&A:

KQB: What games do you cast?

GSR: I don’t have a really beefy computer, so not much, but I sometimes stream Rocket League and Destiny 2 from my PS4. I just got into KQB and I have been loving it so far.

KQB: What inspired you to get into casting?

GSR: I’ve been a big fan of esports for a while, when I saw the tight-knit community around KQB, I thought that this might be a good chance to get into casting. Once I studied up on the terminology, I just asked a team and they let me cast their game. I had a great time and will definitely be doing it again.

KQB: What games do you play?

GSR: On PS4: Destiny 2, Rocket League, and some Titanfall 2. On PC: Portal 2 and KQB.

KQB: What’s something about your casting style that makes your streams unique?

GSR: I try to interact with chat a bit, try to get them engaged. I also cover the matches in a fast-paced way, attempting to get all the action.

KQB: What’s a favorite casting memory of yours?

GSR: The reception of my first stream was amazing, with 44 unique viewers and a peak of 35 concurrent viewers, it made my first stream very special to me.

KQB: What animal is your kindred spirit?

GSR: Crow.

Welcome to the KQB Community Casting Hive, we’re happy you’re here! 

Published by Jackie, Liquid Bit

From the desk of the Marketing and Content Manager, Liquid Bit Games. We are the development studio behind the multiplayer, platformer, Killer Queen Black. KQB is available on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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