Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, jats

Official Indy Gaming League Caster and part of the QP Mini Bosses crew, meet jats! Having started casting as part of a pandemic hobby, you’ll find jats playing and casting with QP Mini Boss members Arguas, tm0z, Bartaan, SSBM_Snek, Moranhalo, Ludicsavant, Andreaktor, ThirsT, Xor, and Sklover. Jats and crew are staples of the Discord community and the IGL weekend stream lineup – show them some love and fill the chat! 

We had a few more questions for jats, here’s what he had to say:

KQB: What games do you cast?

jats: Primarily, KQB.

KQB: What games do you play?

jats: KQB, Rocket League, Final Fantasy 9! A lot of older things from the late 90’s/00’s too.

KQB: What’s something about your casting style that makes your streams unique?

jats: We cast as if we’re together on a couch watching a game verse dedicated play-by-play. 

KQB: What’s a favorite casting memory of yours?

jats: Having to put a shoe in my mouth because I made a promise to the internet.

KQB: When you aren’t gaming or casting you’re?

jats: Working forever or building arcade/pinball items with tm0z and other friends. Also custom consoles/handhelds, basically anything retro gaming.

KQB: What animal is your kindred spirit?

jats: Walrus in a trench coat.

Pinball, yessssssss! Interested in co-casting with a QP Mini Boss? Just ask!

Published by Jackie, Liquid Bit

From the desk of the Marketing and Content Manager, Liquid Bit Games. We are the development studio behind the multiplayer, platformer, Killer Queen Black. KQB is available on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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