Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, coombzy

Meet coombzy, Official Indy Gaming League Caster! Coombzy picked up casting Killer Queen Black in February of 2020. He’s teamed up with some great co-casters in the past, including Elyse, Fonzworth Bentley, Jame?, and daddy. He likes counterparts that bring the hype and add some extra flavour to the stream.

We had a few more questions, here’s what coombzy had to say. 

KQB: What games do you cast?

coombzy: Anything I’m super passionate about. At the moment that’s just Killer Queen Black though 😉 

KQB: What inspired you to get into casting?

coombzy: Love of KQB! When I first started there weren’t many others trying to cast matches, and I just wanted to help out and provide something to the community. It’s such a fantastic game and so exciting to watch, I guess I was just hoping to add to the whole esports vibe by hyping things up and praising all the players. 

KQB: What games do you play?

coombzy: I switch around a lot, but mostly focus on competitive multiplayer games. At the moment I’m really into a hardcore race sim called iRacing. Also dabbling in Rocket League, Escape from Tarkov, and Apex Legends with friends. 

KQB: What’s something about your casting style that makes your streams unique?

coombzy: I think I am quite good at noticing and calling out individual plays and players by name. I try to keep up with everything that is happening on the map and deliver fast commentary to cover as much of it as possible! 

KQB: What’s a favorite casting memory of yours?

coombzy: I was lucky enough to cast the BEE’S KNEES LEGENDARY SNAIL DEFENSE. The clip can be found on my Twitch. I think that’s the biggest play in KQB history! Can it ever be equaled?!?

KQB: When you aren’t gaming or casting you’re?

coombzy: Working, being a dad, playing ice/inline hockey, or enjoying quiet time with a book.

KQB: What’s animal is your kindred spirit?

coombzy: Cats – they are cuddly, lazy and selfish, so I feel a certain kinship there!

Connect with coombzy and players in Australia and New Zealand via Make sure to check out a coombzy cast when you can!

Published by Jackie, Liquid Bit

From the desk of the Marketing and Content Manager, Liquid Bit Games. We are the development studio behind the multiplayer, platformer, Killer Queen Black. KQB is available on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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