Killer Queen Black: The Winner’s Hive

Indy Gaming League’s Summer Circuit 2020

HOT fun in the summertime!

Indy Gaming League’s Summer Circuit 2020 was the perfect way to cool down and hang out with friends this summer. From intense gameplay to polished casting, it was an exciting circuit that delivered some quality entertainment! 

Big thanks to all the players, casters, and spectators for making IGL’s Summer Circuit the best yet.

Our Discord Server welcomed a proper gentleman this season to assist us in not missing a thing! Always at your service, can we give it up for BOTler? !matches, !bracket, !teamfinder, you name it, BOTler has the answer. Community shout out to Dadcore and Bee’sKnees for introducing us to our new friend.

Tier 2 WEST

  • 4th: Flap Around and Find Out
  • 3rd: Cat Pics
  • 2nd: Blobby
  • Supreme Champions: Snailed It! 

The team that wrote “will probably lose every match but will have fun doing it!” in the team finder description takes the title! Championship Match casted by KG! Fun fact: KG casted 8 of 9 Snailed It! games. By the end of the season, he knew their stats better than they did. Congrats, Snailed It!

Tier 1 West

  • 4th: Snail in the Coffin
  • 3rd: Dave’s Killer Queen
  • 2nd: Tear Bears (west)
  • Supreme Champions: SoaK 

Championship Match viewing on The Big Show with Big Chungus! Shout out to SoaK and family – the first IGL match to be interrupted by a baby being born! Congrats on your win and your growing hive.

Tier 3 East

  • 4th: QuaranQueen
  • 2nd: Cross-Platform Disadvantaged
  • Supreme Champions: Temp

Some awesome Tier 3 East action this circuit. Congrats, Temp on your title and 7-1 record! Championship Match action with The QP MiniBosses!

Tier 2 East

  • 4th: Smooth Snailin’ 
  • 3rd: Whiskey Beesness
  • 2nd: According to All Known Laws
  • Supreme Champions: Tier 2

Tier 2 takes Tier 2, not confusing at all! Congrats on your win and 8-1 record! Prosive with the Championship Match cast!

Tier 1 East

  • 4th: Yeethaus
  • 3rd: DARK
  • 2nd: Tear Bears (east)
  • Supreme Champions: My Whole Stack

Tier 1 East put on a show this circuit. Congrats to all teams and to My Whole Stack on a great run with their only loss of the season in a bye match. View the Championship Match casted by Peanutphobia!

Summer Circuit TOP PLAYS: You can also check out TOP PLAYS per week from KQB Community Content Creator and Caster, KG! Thanks for putting these together to showcase these amazing players and teams.


Make sure to join our Discord where you can find Big Chungus’s weekly IGL recognition awards. They’re fun ones such as, the Purple Heart (most deaths in a week) to Eternal Warrior (most kills by a drone warrior) and even more in between! Thanks, Chungus for making us smile week after week!

IGL also releases official trophies and awards for most berries by a drone, most snail mileage by a drone, and most kills by a queen. Make sure to check out membership and their networks for some great content! More about Indy Gaming League.

Thanks again for an awesome Summer Circuit! Enjoy the off-season and get ready to game with friends this fall!

Registration is LIVE, closing Sept 25th: East Circuit & West Circuit

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