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Killer Queen Black, inspired by the esport arcade game, Killer Queen, let’s you fight for your hive with three ways to win. Will you claim your victory by hopping on the snail, hoarding berries, or wiping out the enemy’s queen? With multiple ways to win, this indie gem is fun for all and mastered by few.

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Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, egeefree

If you haven’t checked out an egeefree cast yet, what are you waiting for?! Part of the Tear Bears team and crew, you can find her with Teiko, Alteffor, RetroHeroSx, Obo, LittlePenguinDude, Lightsabermetrics, Peanutphobia, and Dadcore! Egeefree loves casting with her teammates, other femmes in the community, and good friends too! She’s always down toContinue reading “Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, egeefree”

Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, Free Microwave

Free Microwave started casting KQB during IGL’s Summer Circuit 2020 and enjoys co-casting with a mix of other players and casters! You may have seen him with KG28, Prosive, or The QP Mini Bosses. Interested in co-casting? Free Microwave’s down to introduce some new faces to the co-casting scene, just ask! Learn more about FreeContinue reading “Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, Free Microwave”

Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, daddy

It’s your Discord Admin/Mod and event host with the most, meet daddy! Having dabbled in casting Killer Queen tournaments in 2018, daddy was a natural at jumping in the Killer Queen Black commentating world when there were few…well, practically none.  Setting a standard in streaming Dev Q&As, tournaments, and community events, you can also catchContinue reading “Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, daddy”

Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, ghostshockrival

Ghostshockrival joined the KQB caster lineup for Indy Gaming League’s Fall Circuit and has been delivering some awesome streams ever since. It’s great to have ghostshockrival in the KQB casting community, make sure to show some love with a follow and fill that chat! Learn more about ghostshockrival in this KQB Q&A: KQB: What gamesContinue reading “Meet Killer Queen Black Community Caster, ghostshockrival”

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